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Precision key files are manufactured on precision automated machines. They guarantee a high removal rate and long tool life. The blanks are stamped and ground and given a precise cut of even density and depth using special machines. The finished files have an ideal tooth profile for each type of file. Precision key files guarantee smooth filed surface finishes.
1 × each key file, flat tapered, hand, half-round, round, 3-square, square
Length without tang 100 mm, 2nd cut.
With hardwood file handle.
Suitable for:
• Aluminium up to 530 N/mm2, aluminium cast alloys up to 600 N/mm2, magnesium alloys, low alloy copper up to 400 N/mm2.
• General structural steels such as unalloyed and alloyed quenched and tempered steels, nitriding steels and tool steels up to 900 N/mm2.
• G-cast iron, GG-spheroidal cast iron, GGG-austenitic, GJMx-malleable cast iron, GS-cast steel.
• Brass up to 600 N/mm2, bronze up to 1200 N/mm2.
• PVC, ABS, PC, thermoplastics, graphite, glass fibre reinforced plastics.
• Wood, bonded wood materials, soft plastics.

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